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Sensor Grot; A guide to Cleaning

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

I knew my sensor was getting a bit grubby; I was spending more and more time zapping spots in Photoshop but it’s a job I just couldn’t get round to. That is until this black & white conversion of Summerhouse Hill in Kent.  Sheesh!  That’s a...



Buying the Perfect Laptop

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

With every release of a new range of Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros there's the inevitable thought of 'shall I, shan't I' splash out on one.  Here I'll look at the 2016 offerings and show you what I ended up buying. In summary though, if you have an old style Apple...



Say Hello to my L’ill Friend! Hard Drive Capacity Solved

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

I’ve just thrown a large sum of money at a data storage problem because I honestly could not find a better alternative! My current 4TB drives are all full and I’ve been using another spare to take the overspill of my photography and then another drive for all my time...



Digital Photographer Magazine Interview

Category: Kit, Caboodle & ReviewsNews

This Q&A appeared in a recent edition of Digital Photographer Magazine, about wide angle lenses and how they sit along side other fiocal lengths in terms of what to use, when and the pros and cons of each. 1) What are the challenges of using wide-angle lenses and do people necessarily need an...



Kent & East Sussex Photography & Tripod Cleaning

Category: Flash & Commercial Photography TechniquesKit, Caboodle & ReviewsLandscape &Travel Photography TechniquesNews

A recent photography workshop that Lizzie & I led on the Kent & East Sussex coast offered up some pretty challenging weather.  The light is always fleeting in these circumstances but when it comes it usually comes good. Following my return home it was obvious from the crunching in my Gitzo tripod...



iMac USB port problem solved!

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

I like a tidy desk.  Not so tidy that I look like I have too much time on my hands, but tidy in the sense that there's no piles of unsorted paperwork littered everywhere or cables lying around like a box of snakes has been emptied on my desk. The number of...



Landscape Photography Clothing: what works, what doesn’t…

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

One of the chilliest spots I've been at; St Margaret's Bay in mid winter at night.  The cold north wind coming stright off the sea was biting and, log exposre or timelapse work requires spending periods of 45 mins or more by the tripod.  Standing around for this much time can...



New Photography Kit List, but what deals can you get?

Category: Kit, Caboodle & ReviewsLandscape &Travel Photography Techniques

I’ve had a bit of re vamp of my photography kit.  It’s cost me a small fortune but it’s nice to have some new toys to play with! Most of this stuff is on everyone’s shopping list so I’ll run through it and...

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