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Canterbury Timelapse

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography TechniquesNews

With some new ideas and projects in the pipeline I've produced this short timelapse footage of Canterbury.  It's part of a bigger project but this clip shows a nice sequence of people coming and going over the course of an hour.  Spot the UFO!   This timelapse was taken using...



Herne Bay Dawn Landscape Photography Techniques

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

Summer sunrises, eh?  You set the alarm for 4.00am, drive for half an hour, set up, only to be greeted by a bank of cloud in the east.  Well, that’s how it always seems to me anyway!  For once, though, we’ve enjoyed a spell of immaculate weather...



Northumberland Landscape Photography

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

Earlier this year, in March, I was a desperate man.  A string of commercial assignments and teaching had left me hungry for the solitary dawn vigils, the fresh air and the time alone for creative reflection that is landscape photography.  ‘I know’, I thought, ‘lets go to Northumberland!’ ...



Isle of Thanet Photography

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography TechniquesNews

A spell of decent Spring weather has given me the chance to focus on a commission for a forthcoming website and brochure revamp by Visit Thanet.  It’s not a part of Kent I’ve visited enough with my camera so this was a perfect chance to see what I...



Do you need a wide angle lens?

Category: Kit, Caboodle & ReviewsLandscape &Travel Photography Techniques

Do you need a wide angle Lens? A photographer friend of mine recently asked me if I thought a wide angle lens was worth getting for landscape photography. Wide angle lenses creae a lovely sense of 'walking into the frame' and emphasise elements close to them in the foreground.  17mm on my 17-4...



Camera settings in a Cherry Picker

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

It’s a common problem we all encounter; you’re 100 feet up in a wobbly cherry picker, the light is low and your client expects razor sharp images.  How can you set the camera to cope with this? As ever, it’s about thinking of the three components to any...



Lake District Photography: One Remarkable Morning…

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

Ashness Jetty, Derwent Water is an old friend.  10 years ago, when I was still a student, I visited the Lakes with my (now) wife and we camped at Ashness.  Even then, to our young and inexperienced eyes, it was an obviously photogenic location and Sarah came away with a very good photograph...



Simple Landscape Photography FAQ

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

After a recent workshop Kevin emailed me with some good follow up questions about camera settings for some of the things we photographed during the day; waterfalls and portraits in particular.  I thought I’d use his questions as the basis for a Landscape FAQ which includes some extra points I&rsquo...

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