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Free Nik Collection Software from Google
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Apr 7th 2016

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Google have made a set of very useful (and previously expensive) Photoshop plugins free, as of the 26th March.  The Nik Collection has been a valuable asset to many photographers, particularly those interested in black & white processing, for a long time.

I’ve never owned them before and I’ve only just downloaded my free copy so I can’t vouch for it myself but I’m aware there are plenty of excellent images processed via this software out there.  My friend, Lizzie Shepherd, has produced some of her stunning black & white images with the aid of Nik Silver Effects so this alone is reason enough to take advantage.

What’s the catch?  Well, I don’t know is the honest answer.  I can only speculate that, for some reason, sales have been falling and Google has decided to make a show of benevolence by makig it free with a view to discontinuing product siupport and developmentin the future.  Why would they invest time and money in a freebie after all?​


Elgol, Isle of Skye.  A leaden sky, full of tone, texture and contrast always triggers the question in my mind: is there a B&W opportunity here?  

Anyway, in the meantime, we now can save about £150 and take advantage of some sophisticated processing software.  I for one have long struggled to achieve the look I’m after in Photoshop for my black & white photographs so I’m looking forward to at least using Nik to produce these, however long it may last!

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