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Bruges, Belgium
The Human Touch

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Bruges, Belgium

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Field Note : A December visit to Bruges was planned to coincide with the icy conditions in an attempt to capture the Christmas atmosphere of this beautiful city. Indeed, temperatures were as cold as I have experienced and the ice offered good opportunities for capturing a side of Bruges normally depicted in sunny, warm summer conditions. When I find a scene that has obvious photographic potential I try and see how it might play out in various formats and find a way of capturing it in each; pano, landscape and portrait. For this pano I had to decide where to begin and end my photograph and how high and low to go. The sky was turning a nice midnight blue but too much of this is empty, featureless and distracting. Same applies to the large area of ice and snow on the canal's surface so these areas could be trimmed down allowing the bulk of the architecture to fill the scene. It's always hard to know where to start and end the shot though; there's always another frame to fill as you move through the sequence of images that will be stitched together later on in the digital dark room. I always 'over compose' so I have data to play with and crop out, rather than wish I'd gone a bit wide or shot a another frame and come up short. It's a long way to go back and reshoot after all...EOS 5DMKII, 17-40mm, 13 secs f11 ISO 100.

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