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Buttermere, Cumbria
Dawn Patrols

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Buttermere, Cumbria

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Field Note : I'm always struck by how beautiful low light defracted by high hills and mountains looks. I first experienced it in Slovenia but it occurs anywhere where there is steep cliffs and low light, dawn or dusk. This view of Buttermere is not uncommon and I have photographed it before, however not with the light I wished for. This shot has that extra quality through the shafts of light flashing in above this tranquil corner of Buttermere. Had there been less wind and beter reflections I would have got myself down low by the shore line to capture this. As it was, an elevated view point was better suited to the conditions on this particular morning. I suppose if I was to say would I look to improve on this then the answer has the be 'yes', because I would dearly love those reflections of both the symmetry in the tree line and the shafts of light in the water too. In order to create a hi res file, I shot this as a sequence of 5 exposures moving left to right. I didn't need any filters and captured the full range of tones in each RAW file. I used Photoshops 'Photomerge' function to stitch the files together and then commenced making my adjustments with layers to produce the final image. I can't explain why I shot this at ISO 800, rather than a lower ISO. I know from testing that the Canon 5DMKIII is almost flawless at this ISO but, all the same, it wouldn't have hurt to drop it down and settle for shutter speeds of 1/250 sec instead. Perhaps I was reacting to fast to what was a fairly brief, transitory passage of light and just got on with shooting because it can be agonising setting up the tripod, mounting the lens on the camera and the camera on the tripod whilst these moments flicker away before you... EOS 5DMKIII, 70-200mm, 1/1000, f5.6 ISO 800.

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