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Corfu Town, Corfu
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Ref: BKPD_23

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Corfu Town, Corfu

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Field Note : Trying to create a sense of hustle and bustle in a static image is hard. Often, the best way is to use a slower shutter speed to create a sense of movement and, when this is contrasted with a frozen, static subject like these buildings it can create a much greater sense of atmosphere than a faster shutter speed might. I used my wide angle lens and a tripod so I could get in close, open up and get the whole view without removing myself from the scene. A good idea of how movement plays out according to various shutter speeds is vital as you may only get one chance, as I did, to shoot the scene. I knew from my experience of water that these guys were ambling along, singing their songs at about the same speed so I chose a 1/4 second and it was enough to creatively blur them without losing their distinguishing dress and outline.

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