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Il Belvedere, Tuscany
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Il Belvedere, Tuscany

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Field Note : Tuscany in May is a perfect location to enjoy Spring; the fields are verdant, the night time temperatures and short spells of rain can lead to spectacular mist and the warm sunshine lifts the soul after a long winter. This was taken on my first trip to Tuscany during my early foray into digital photography. It's a JPEG, not a RAW capture, and belies my naivity at the time. Fortunately the light was good, although the mist a little scant, and the composition effective so I doubt my processed RAW would look much different to this. The idea behind the shot stems from the decisions I made based on the conditions I had available to me: some mist, good side lighting, saturated colours and a dull, distant sky. Based on this I opted to exclude the sky-landscape work is as much about what you exclude from your composition as what you include-and I decided to use a long telephoto to compress the perpective, shorten the distance between the farmhouse and the distant hills and rely on the mist and light for some atmosphere. So often it's tempting to try and include as much as possible, but less is so often more in landscape work and here, from a scene I was to see at it's very best 7 years later, this was the best method for capturing something with impact with less than perfect conditions. Nikon D70, 70-200mm, 1/125 f8 ISO100 +0.5 exp comp.

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