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Mdina, Malta
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Mdina, Malta

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Field Note : A commission in Malta for a commercial client offered a couple of days of landscape photography. I expected there to be plenty of opportunity but, I have to confess, I found the island didn't lend itself to my style of landscapes; a deserted and crumbling old town and few views free from the blight or rampant over development made things hard. Mdina, though, is the old capital and remains preserved as a heritage site on it's hilltop view of the surrounding area. With some low light, I expected a chance of a reasonable shot but finding some foreground was much harder. Eventually I found this splash of colourful flowers just before they closed up for the night. Using my wide angle lens allowed me accentuate their presence and fill the foreground with them and create an impression of their being a great carpet of colour beneath this ancient citadel. EOS 5DMKII, 24-70mm, 1/8 sec f16 ISO 50 -1.33 exp comp.

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