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St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
The Human Touch

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St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

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Field Note : I've seen many beautiful shots of this scene and resolved to visit the location myself during a trip to Cornwall. I was surprised to find on my arrival how minimalist the area is; there is a distinct lack of foreground interest along the mostly sandy beach. Yet all the images I'd seen of this view carried striking compositions as well as good light. After some hunting around though I found that mostly these images relied on two or three particular features for their foreground and I wondered if I could produce something new. The light was good but the sky unspectacular through the absence of any clouds. Therefore I decided to find a compelling foreground that I could fill with two thirds of my image and place the nicely shaped Mount at the top as the final destination of the eye without too much empty sky to detract from the image. I always start with the rule fo thirds for my photographs and then decide whether to break this rule or not. I find jumping straight to an instinctive composition that ignores this step leads to often disconnected photographs that don't quite work, in a visual sense. Here, low tide revealed a small area of rock and some calm pools of water which were perfect for my idea. Still, the prevalence of blue in the sky and reflections was too strong for my liking so I was grateful for the splash of green seaweed to add colour to this shot. For me, it is a pleasing result to fashion a new view from a scene that has been already well photographed from other, more obvious view points. EOS 5DMKII, 24-70mm, 0.4 sec f22 ISO 50.

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