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Timelapse & Hyperlapse

Timelapse & Hyperlapse

Here are a series of videos showcasing my commercial timelapse and hyperlapse work. Hyperlapse films are a unique way to travel through and experience a location as we seemingly move through time. They are ideal for instantly communicating the positive experience of a place.

St Margaret’s Bay time-lapse photography video

This short clip was shot over the course of about two hours.  Shooting 30 sec exposures meant an extended period to gather the frames required for…...

How To's

It's always easier to explain something face to face and, short of coming on one of my workshops, this is as good as it gets!

These helpful videos will help you with your landscape photography as you come with me on location as I set up and shoot various scenes from around the world.

Exposure blending with Luminosity Masks

Alex Hare demonstrates how he uses Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks Action sets for Photoshop to blend complicated and selective areas of two different…...

Luminosity Masks: Introduction to Tony Kuyper’s V4 Panel

This video will show you what a Luminosity Mask section is, how to make them using Tony Kuiper’s V4 panel and how they can be used in a Photoshop…...

Ocean Blue Wildlife Photography

This video is the output from my commission to document some of the wildlife and environment around the cliffs of Dover and Samphire Hoe.  It features…...

Planning a Landscape Photograph at Brent Tor, Devon

This clip was shot moments before I photographed the beautiful light at Brent Tor in Devon.  There’s an accompanying blog post on the post production…...

Cornwall at dawn: to filter or not to filter?

Join me on location at dawn high up on the cliffs in Cornwall and see how an image is created and the technical and creative options discussed. This video…...

Macro Photography Skills

Ever wondered how to get professional looking macro wildlife shots?  In this Video, Alex shows you the kit you need and the basic set up required…...

Dawn at Sydney Harbour, Opera House

Join me on location at Sydney Harbour and enjoy real time footage as I discuss my thoughts on the options open to me for a shot in the prevailing lighting…...

Alex Hare wedding photography at the Dorchester Hotel

A short clip showing Alex in action on a wedding shoot at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

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